Citizens of the World Choir

The World Stage- Saturday 8 July 16.00

Regardless of the language, religion or tradition or country, music is the soul of a people. It only ever takes one person to start singing for everyone around them to join in. Citizens of the World Choir joyfully takes music for the beautifully inclusive communicator it is and seeks to give expression to those who might otherwise be deprived of it. Established in South-East London – not far from Lewisham, one of the most deprived and diverse areas in the country – the choir opens its arms to asylum seekers, refugees, and anyone else who wishes to join.

The result is a choir that draws its happiness from collective musical expression. With members from more than ten different countries; speaking as diverse languages from Tigrinya to Scottish, having classically trained opera singers from Crete to rappers in Arabic from Syria, we truly pursue a global agenda. Listen to a Scarborough Fair with each verse in a different language, to a Zulu song promoting peace, to a Louis Armstrong classic. Whatever the melody, the real music comes from the members’ love of singing together.

Led by musical director Becky Dell, a philanthropic musical academy owner, and Tom Donald, founder of the London Contemporary School of Piano, as pianist, the choir has rapidly developed its repertoire. Beginning on World Refugee Day in the Palace of Westminster, the choir will then launch on its summer programme of performances. We hope to see you at one of our shows!

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