El Condor

Thursday 6 July

World @ South America- Globe Stage 13.00

Workshops on the World Stage 14.30-15.15 and 17.30-18.30

El Condor are musicians Vladmir Cativo of El Salvador and Gary Garamendi Guzman of Peru.  The pair research and perform the music of their forefathers and include Native American music from the Andes and other regions of the Americas.  In an effort to share their musical heritage of all the native American nations of the Americas including the Incas, Aztecs, Mayas & Apaches.

Although both musicians are experts in playing a wide range of traditional instruments, many of which are incorporated in their performers, a lot of their repertoire is based around  the traditional pan pipes  which have become symbols of the Inca civilizations of South America.

To date, the pair have been honoured to represent their respective countries at various cultural events and world festivals in the UK, including performances in Manchester, Liverpool, London, York and Penrith.

El Condor aim to deliver authentic traditional music to their audiences in order to transmit a message of peace and an awareness of the importance of Mother Earth.