HEAL (The Last Stand)

Based in Wrexham, UK, since 2007, HEAL (The Last Stand) have been aiming to create music that makes people feel better. Armed with Acoustic Guitars and a Piano, Heal found themselves in the fortuitous position of having four willing singers in the band, this led to the harmony element of their sound quite by accident. Add to that lyrics with an Earthly sentimentality that speak to the heart and you have a band who project their obvious love of life through music, with great ease.

It was Joey’s dream, a band in the spirit of peace. He brought together a gang of musicians/friends and recorded an EP in the Summer of 2007, by December that year their first gig was booked and the line-up decided, funnily enough it was Joey’s siblings Laura and Stan who stood with him, and their mutual friend Thom.

An Album (What Love Is…) in 2009 and an EP (Peace Is The Word) in 2010, created enough buzz for them to tour Europe and California. Clocking up hundreds of shows in their time together, including festivals like Glastonbury and Secret Garden Party. At the end of 2015 they released Mighty River, their 2nd full album and their first with a brave new (albeit temporary) line-up. Drums, Bass, Strings, Brass, and even some face melting guitar solo action.

In 2017, HEAL will mark their tenth year together with a new EP, And a slight name change, from Heal The Last Stand to HEAL.

For more information please visit https://www.healthelaststand.com

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