NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, JINGGASWARA STUDENT CHOIR is a choir based in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Jinggaswara acts as a medium created for the students of the National Institute of Technology who has a common interest in the pursuit of music, specializing in Choral Music. Founded in July 19th 1987, Jinggaswara has grown to become a choir with unique characteristics, such as diversity, adaptability, and incredible prestige through national and international scopes. Jinggaswara has performed different repertoires throughout the years, such as classical pieces, 20th Century Contemporary Works, Pop-Jazz, and Folklore Music with dances from traditional cultures.

Jinggaswara has participated in a few international competitions. The most recent competition that Jinggaswara participated in was The 9th Fukushima Vocal Ensemble Competition 2016 in which Jinggaswara achieved Gold Medal for the Adult III category and received an Excellence Award at the Grand Prix portion of that competition.

Lusianna Daulay is the Conductor and Coach for Jinggaswara. Lusianna had studied under many acknowledged vocal coaches, music experts and conductors, such as Mr. Tommyanto Kandisaputra (Founder of the Cantorum Studio, President of the Bandung Choral Society), Prof. Andre De Quadros (Professor of Music at Boston University), Dr. Brady Allred (American conductor of choral and orchestral music and the Artistic Director and Conductor of the Salt Lake Choral Artists-USA), and many more. Together with Jinggaswara, Lusianna brought the choir unto new levels of recognition and quality through participating competitions such as the 67th Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod on 2013, Orientale Concentus VII in Singapore on 2014, the 4th Bali International Choral Festival on 2015 where she achieved The Outstanding Artistry Achievement, and the 9th Fukushima Vocal Ensemble Competition 2016.