Theatr Clwyd

Once upon a time a man stood on a hill and decided to make the world a happier place.
“But what makes people happy?” he thought.
So he travelled the world to try to find out. He saw majestic parks, inspirational churches and elegant galleries. He saw bustling cafes, moving festivals and moments of drama that made his soul tingle.
Then, when he’d seen it all, he returned to that same hill with an idea.
He would build a theatre, it would have great plays, magnificent music and stunning art, but more importantly, it would be a beacon, a meeting place, a home for his community to come together, enjoy and call their own.
So he built that theatre on that hill so that people could meet, laugh and cry, so that new friends could be made, so that his community could have a voice, and that voice could shout about itself.
That place would be dedicated to just one goal: making the world a happier place.

Welcome to Theatr Clwyd.
Making the world a happier place, one moment at a time.