Choir Usmev which means Smile was established as a children choir in 1981 and let by its conductor Mrs.Magdalena Orlikova.In 1989 when Mrs.Orlikova has unfortunately passed away choir got its new mother singing teacher Mrs.Anezka Balusinska.And since nothing is stronger than love , kids under her wings were successful in every competition they have participated in. Let me mention few of them:

1993 Spain Cantonigros 2x 2nd place and special price of town Vic.

1994 Llangollen 1st place in folk category plus special annual price of W.S.Gwynn Williams.

1996 Llangollen 1st and 2nd price in women category plus 4th and 6th price.

1996 Sweden.

1997 Denmark.

1998 Canada Powell River.

2006 Llangollen.

And various other countries ,festivals and concerts such Czech Republic, Poland, France, Bielarouse, Germany, Belgium.

Choir Usmev has also recorded with national Slovak TV, radio, and participated in national and international festivals.

Now as time goes by these little girls are mature women, have their own families and live all over the world, but still meet and practising and love choir singing a lot. In 2016, we had 35th anniversary and decided to apply to this competition again to remember our golden age and feel the unique passion while singing for audience from the stage.