Y Gogs

Amphitheatre- 14.30 Sunday 9 July

Y GOGS is a Welsh and English Trio from the Wrexham and Oswestry area. A new folk pop trio that was formed in September, 2016. They have played in various events across Wrexham, these include Focus Wales, Wrexham Christmas Light Switch on and other festivals and smaller pub gigs. The band is formed of a bassist, a guitar/drummer, and a female singer. The band plays various covers from different decades, they also play Welsh and English originals. Frequently the band plays in their local Welsh pub in Wrexham, Saith Seren. They believe that the Welsh culture and language should be used and promoted. They have supported and played with well-known welsh bands and artists from Bryn Fon to Huw Chiswell.

If you like cheesy party covers then there the band for you, but also if you like folky originals then there’s that too.

Y GOGS- (Why the name?)

Both Matt and Rosie were gigging in Cardiff and many people kept calling us Y GOGS, this was due to the fact we were from the North Wales area and since that it has clicked and the name has stuck with us.