An Interfaith Experience

An Interfaith Experience – 12:30pm – Wednesday 3rd July – Main stage Pavilion.

This 30-minute programme will welcome over 50 participants on stage to celebrate the diversity of faiths and beliefs represented in Wales. Participants will be sharing their personal experiences of interfaith, as well as the art, music and literature that inspires their beliefs. They will also be part of an onstage social experiment to discover how much they have in common!

North Wales Interfaith Coordinator Gareth Hall explains: “As the title suggests, this is an opportunity to experience interfaith – to get a feel for what’s happening in local communities in Wales, why that inspires people, and why it’s fun! Learning about different faiths and beliefs shouldn’t feel like studying for a test – it’s about connecting with people, it’s about bringing communities together. That’s something we genuinely enjoy, and we want to share that enjoyment with the audience on July 3rd.”