(English) Singing Community of Choirs

Ymddiheuraf, does dim ar gael yn Gymraeg.

Country Representing:  England

Town/Place Representing: Sutton Coldfield


A6. Junior Children’s Choirs Prelim (Wednesday 3rd July)

A7. Senior Children’s Choirs (Thursday 4th July)

Biography: Singing Community of Choirs was founded in 2005. It was a humble beginning, initially with a children’s choir of approximately 20 children, then named the ‘Four Oaks Cluster Choir’.

Over the past 13 years, that initial choir has grown from one to five; we now cover an age range of 4 right through to adult and a membership of around 200. We are a family of active choirs with unique performance opportunities, an outstanding choral programme. What makes SCC unique is that we are a community in every sense of the word. We also organise regular social events through the year, which helps us raise vital funds – bringing everyone together at the same time.  We also organised a surprise flash mob performance.

Members:           80

Website:             www.scchoirs.org.uk

Facebook:          https://www.facebook.com/SCChoirs/

Twitter:              www.twitter.com/scchoirs