Performers: Friday

Anouaze G.A.

The artistic group “ANOUAZE-G.A,’’ is composed of talented drummers from all walks of West Africa based in Abidjan, playing on djembes, but also on an all Dunun / kenkeni a Sangban, the sabar, a balafon and the bougarabous Djabar, n’tama (talking drum) and more.

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Holloway Children’s Choir

Founded in 2018 in Tianjin (China’s third largest municipality) by British composer and conductor George Holloway, the choir is a continuation of the advanced and intermediate classes of the Tianjin Grand Theatre’s Mulan Children’s Choir, which was disbanded in December 2017.

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Gipsy Kings

The Gipsy Kings are a salsa, pop and flamenco outfit hailing from the south of France, their front man is the incredible Andre Reyes. Their live shows are perfect for fans of Latin, world and contemporary pop music – and just about anybody who loves to dance.

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