Azucar Morena

Azucar Morena’s music is an eclectic mix of Latin American and Latin European influences. He incorporate the rhythmic grounds of bossa nova, boleros, bachata, blues, RandB, etc. He always look for melodies that reflect personal moods and memories, loving, especially, the acoustic of the guitar. He seeks to explore both the simplicity and the complexity of live performance, crafted by the intimate vibe of the artist.

Do you have any interesting stories about your yourself?
I am refugee base in the Uk for 5 years, back in my home land I had beautiful experience to make a band with my friend at the begging it was just a hobby that we used to enjoy, until we get into a national competition, ending up winning with a song my friend and I wrote 5 days before the presentation for the competition. After that we got an amazing band calls Garcin as our mentors, then I end in the Uk trying to make music again.