Coro Serpeddì Sinnai

Country Representing:  Italia

Town/Place Representing: Sinnai (Sardegna)


A4. Male Voice Choirs (Saturday 6 July)

A9. Adult Folk Song Choirs (Friday 5 July)

Biography:  The Coro Serpeddì Sinnai is a male polyphonic choir with four voices equal to songs in Sardinian Campidanese, is composed of 24 elements, the majority resident in the town of Sinnai – Cagliari (Italy). The aim is therefore continuity, that of spreading and supporting the Sardinian song in the traditional Campidanese linguistic variant and author.

In this regard, our singing group has a very respectable past, in fact the choral activity of Maestro G. Murgia reaches its peak from an executive technical point of view, when with the “Choir Folporistico Serpeddì”, born in 1956, won the first prize for singing in Lienz (Austria) in 1962 and in Llangollen in Wales (Great Britain) in 1965. The official uniform of the choir is the traditional Sardinian costume of Sinnai, he performs arranged in a semicircle with songs performed a cappella.

Members:           21

Website:             www.coroserpeddì.it