Dances by Isadora

Country Representing:             USA

Town/Place Representing: New York City

Competitions:         Non Competitive

Biography:  Dances by Isadora‘s mission is to share dance history with a contemporary audience, through the presentation and teaching of the work of American choreographer, Isadora Duncan (1877-1927). The company is also dedicated to the growth of New York which comments on history and culture, making connections from past to present.

Dances by Isadora is committed to the engagement of audiences of all ages through its educational programs and performances. The company has brought these dances of breath and spirit to a new generation of audiences in the US and abroad since its founding in 1989. Dances by Isadora directed by Catherine Gallant, has performed and taught in Japan, Hungary, France, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Russia and throughout the US. Dances by Isadora’s programs provide audiences with insight into how dance continues to shape and be shaped by our world. Audiences are invited to celebrate the works of yesterday—while considering how instrumental they are to the works of tomorrow

Members:           4