Future Perfect

Future Perfect is a music project headed up by electronic music composer, producer and songwriter, Simone Owen.

Previously a duo, but now a solo project, Future Perfect have released since their inception in 2009, 3 albums of dark themed but danceable future pop.

Taking inspiration from the past but always forward thinking, Future Perfect’s brand of european dark dance has given them a worldwide fanbase and have had DJs remixing tracks to be played across clubs in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Returning after a hiatus, Future Perfect is currently finalising tracks for a fourth album, entitled “Touch”

Album Discography :

2010 – Dirty Little Secrets

2012 – Escape

2015 – After The Fall

2024 – Touch (TBC)

Singles :

  • Hunter, Discover Me
  • Paradise, Complicated Machine
  • Fall

Members: Simone Owen

Website: https://futureperfect1.bandcamp.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/futureperfect1

Video: Future Perfect – Fall (Official Music Video) (youtube.com)