Unite in Schools

A unique group of young workers running school, college, uni, and festival sessions/workshops to demystify trade unions and workers’ rights, to build confidence in young people and to inspire their peers to get together to protect themselves and to effect change towards a fairer workplace and ultimately a fairer world!


For the past 10years, we have been running Unite in Schools:  a unique, national Unite programme which brings experienced young activists into our schools, colleges and universities to inspire the next generation of the union movement.

The message of our fun, interactive sessions is that we are stronger together. In our standard sessions, students work on a campaign plan for an issue that matters to them, as well as learning about what the union movement has achieved in the past, and the campaigns we are working on today – why trade unions are a vital part of changing the world for the better.

Unite in Schools tutors run a wide variety of activities, including classroom sessions for secondary school students, ‘know your rights at work’ for vocational college students, careers events and fairs, university seminars, anti-racist workshops, coaching for school council reps and much more.