CSF Traditional Music and Dance Ensemble

I am Mohammed Toffic, one of the leaders of the group. As an African, dance is as much a part of my life as eating, drinking and working, I have been working with the group for so many years.

CSF Traditional Music & Dance Ensemble (Christine Scott Foundation) is a Traditional Music/Dance Ensemble. It is a New Traditional Ensemble Bringing Winds of Change and help into the life of many people.

In Africa, what we call cultural or social dance are movements that embody our cultural values and standards. Our dances has a story that reflects certain values or beliefs, thus goes beyond merely learning different types of moves. The movements in our dances, tells a story that is a way for one culture to share or tell their way of life to another.

Our unique moves in our dances, Asokore Mampong Municipal Assembly has given us permit to represent Ashanti region in various platform both Ghana and abroad and also allows us to set up groups in various community schools within the assembly.