Dance Africa Foundation

Dance Africa Foundation is a leading youthful traditional music and dance group that has declared its intention to develop traditional dance by organising free training lessons, and offers training programs and workshops for a variety of people, groups, social and corporate organisations worldwide.

The ensemble’s roots in the Ghanaian cultural scene, is formed of a mixed-age orchestra, which have grown to include dancers, singers as well as musicians.

Based in Accra, they perform nationally and internationally at so many events and venues including the:

  • 1st International folklore festival in Luxor, in Egypt,
  • Aberdeen International Youth Festival in Scotland
  • Ristumeikan University Kyoto-Japan
  • Muscat International folklore festival – Oman
  • Nan Ying International Folklore Festival – Taiwan
  • Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod – UK
  • Doha International festival – 3rd Cultural Diversity festival – Qatar

Accompanied by an array of African drums, the group has endeared itself to the hearts of Ghanaian cultural music fans with its complex rhythms that expose the beauty and diversity of Ghana and African music and dance.

The group, which is made up of talented young boys and girls, has over the past months been creating waves with magnificent and powerful performances. The members of the group have enthusiastic crowds in several cities and towns throughout the country, with pieces from their large repertoire of traditional and choreographed dance pieces.