Manchester Community Choir

Biography: Manchester Community Choir was founded in 1999 and has 110 members.  Anyone who enjoys singing can join them; they don’t have auditions. The rehearsal is three times a months at a local church. Their acapella repertoire is a mix of modern and traditional songs from all over the world, mostly about equality, peace and respect. Some of their songs are arranged especially for them. They work hard to achieve high performance standards led by their enthusiastic and inspirational musical director Liz Powers, but they also sing for pleasure, well-being and friendship and enjoy supporting good causes.

The acapella choir is proud to be singing the third consecutive year, at the Llangollen Eisteddfod. They are keen to improve and seeing and hearing excellent choirs from around the world, at Llangollen helps them to do so. The choir also support the “peace between nations” message of the International Eisteddfod and really enjoy the colours, the sounds and the dancing that pervades the event. They have a close link with an Icelandic town choir called Kór Rey for short, who are also singing at Llangollen this year and they will be singing some songs together.

Manchester Community Choir enjoyed themselves greatly on these occasions and expect to do so again this year.

Members: 110