Martin Daws

Spoken word poet Martin Daws has performed his work across three decades and multiple continents developing his own unique fusion of poetry, song, MCing and live kalimba. Renowned as a Creative Practitioner Martin was honoured with the role of Young People’s Laureate for Wales (2013-16). He has published two written collections of his work.

I got told to stop making a “horrible noise” in singing class by a teacher at primary school when I was 7. In that moment she stole a thousand songs from my heart. Later in life my love of poetry and music led me to be a spoken word artist. More recently I’ve learnt to sing and this has allowed me to bring melody to my poetry and MCing – redeeming my voice and all those songs in me that have slept so long.


Martin has been to the Llangollen Eisteddfod and rehearses daily in his house and the homes of people that he works with.



Instagram: @martindaws

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