The Public

Where and how often do you rehearse? Every week on a Thursday, sometimes on weekends as well. We mostly rehearse in our Guitarist (Zack)’s house. Every month we book Sort Rehearsal Studio’s.
Do you have any interesting stories about your group? Noah (vocals and guitar) started the band with a second frontman and a group of friends in September 2023. the idea was that it would be a punk duo named “Public Restroom” taking inspiration from bands like Heatmiser and the Clash. After numerous arguments the second frontman left the group, which would eventually re-brand into the alternative Indie-Rock group “The Public”. After the loss of a frontman the band decided to write our first song, this creation of original material gave us the motivation to keep going. 5 months later we have a full set of original music and will shortly be recording and releasing some of it over the course of the year, who knows what will come next for us..
How would you best describe your group? Energetic, guitar driven, melodic indie. Main influences include Radiohead, Wunderhorse and The Royston Club.