Country Representing: United Kingdom

Town/Place Representing: Manchester

Competitions: Non Competitive

Biography: VociVoices was formed in January 2015 to perform at a large charity dinner.   The then four members met through City of Manchester Opera.    Currently the members are: Elizabeth Ambrose – soprano; Eric Cymbir – tenor; Isobel Jenkins – soprano and Simon Horsfield – baritone.   We are all classically train singers who enjoy a wide range of music from our repertoire of musicals, opera, operetta, jazz, evergreen standards, sacred music and all types of popular music.  This is reflected in our concerts. We have performed all over the country and once abroad in Greece.    We are each experienced solo performers in our right.

Members: 5

Website: https://www.vocivoices.co.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vocivoices/