Wargrave Community Choir

Country Representing: England

Town/Place Representing: Wargrave

Competitions: Non-Competitive

Biography: July of 2016 a group of 7 people from another choir decided they really wanted to form their own choir. Sept 19th of 2016 saw this come to fruition, that night saw a gentleman named Shade Black come along, now we have a 50 strong Choir, the 7 are now our committee and Shade Black our MD.

We are a Community Choir based on singing for fun and friendship, although we are only 2 years old we’ve performed 2 of our own concerts (each which were a complete sell out) and in only (hours) hours as in hours of rehearsal time, we were asked to perform at dozens of Christmas light switch on events, this being repeated for this year also. The Wargrave Community Choir rehearse once a week for the whole choir, also once a week we have recently had separate section rehearsals.

Members: 60

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wargravecommunitychoirNW/