Yasmine Latkowski

Yasmine Latkowski, a highly regarded music composer and performer renowned for her captivating compositions, has gained recognition for her ability to seamlessly blend diverse cultural influences into her music. Her deep passion for music extends to creating meaningful connections, whether on screen, in video games, or on stage with her performance ensemble. Dedicated to amplifying underrepresented voices, Yasmine actively seeks opportunities to collaborate with marginalised communities, as demonstrated in her recent collaboration on Arts Council Wales’ Creative Steps project, where she worked with Ayoub Boukhalfa on the song ‘Atamanaa’.

Inspired by her dual heritage and the captivating melodies and rhythms of Middle Eastern music, Yasmine embarked on a musical journey that led her to compose numerous production albums and documentary scores, often collaborating with esteemed session players such as Tim Garside, Joelle Barker, and the Klezmer band She’Koyokh. Her latest albums, including “Celtic Pipes” with bagpiper Tim Eastwood, “Suspended in Time,” “Middle Eastern Spirits,” and “Insights,” showcase Yasmine’s versatility and deep understanding of global music, earning praise from publishers who describe her music as authentic, sophisticated, and elevating.

Yasmine’s contributions to the music industry have garnered widespread acclaim, with features on renowned platforms such as the United Nations, BBC Africa Eye, BBC Panorama, and National Theatre Wales. Collaborations with Welsh games companies, supported by Creative Wales, have expanded her audience, as have her captivating performances at esteemed events like Focus Wales, International Eisteddfod, and Llangollen Fringe. Yasmine also works with ethnic minority community groups through the North Wales Multicultural Hub and contributes to the Arts Council Wales project, Cynefin ethnically and diverse Wales.

In her upcoming band project “Panedeni,” Yasmine is teaming up with renowned songwriters Sion Rickard (Lo Fi Jones) and Ayoub Boukhalfa (Oasis Choir, National Theatre Wales) to create an exciting blend of Welsh and Arabic music, promising captivating storytelling that will undoubtedly contribute to her esteemed musical legacy. She will be performing in and around North Wales alongside Joelle Barker, Sam Slater, Katie Stevens, Tim Eastwood, Reuben Allen, and John Rahm.




Panedeni band: