Young Peacemakers Awards 2019

 The Welsh Centre for International Affairs (WCIA) wants to celebrate young people who have contributed to peace in their school, their local community or globally in a variety of ways.  We are working with Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod who will host a Young Peacemakers Awards Ceremony at the Eisteddfod on 4th July where young people will showcase what they have done and receive a certificate and an award.  Individual young people or groups can enter under the following categories.

It is also acceptable to nominate someone else (with their permission!)


Young Peacemaker of the Year:

You will have been active in the pursuit of peace in your local or wider community, and your actions will have inspired others – your peers or people older or younger than yourself.


Young Peace Heritage Champion(s) of the Year:

Nominees will have been proactive in finding out about and promoting their local peace heritage in creative ways, including developing materials, projects and events.  Where possible the relevance of local peace heroes should be related to contemporary society and events.


Young Peace Writer(s) of the Year

Nominees are invited to submit original pieces of work around the theme of peace.  Contributions can take any form, including poetry, journalistic writing (including blogging), a series of effective tweets, biographies, stories, etc.


Young Peace Artist(s) of the Year:

This category will celebrate original artistic expressions of peace created by children / young people individually or as part of a group.  These could take a variety of forms, including paintings, murals, sculptures, photographic exhibitions, etc


Young Digital Peace Builder(s) of the Year:

Nominees will have used digital media to share awareness of an issue or issues relating to peace and ways of creating a more peaceful community / world.


Young Peace Analyst(s) of the Year:

Through their critical approach towards discussing the concept of peace, nominees will have enabled others to better understand the meaning of peace historically and / or in contemporary society.


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