This world-wide digital campaign is reaching out to past & present competitors, volunteers and contributors, together we want to celebrate 75-years of the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod.

#TogetherLlangollen  #GydagilyddaLlangollen

This toolkit is to encourage you to promote your achievements and memories.

Social Media Frames

Simply download the #TogetherLlangollen Frame, add your picture or video and tell us what you are celebrating, for example:

  • Getting back Together
  • Together again with Friends
  • Together in Song
  • Together in Peace
  • Having Fun Together
  • Spending Time Together
  • Together with You
  • Volunteering Together

Don’t forget to add the hashtag #TogetherLlangollen.

All Graphic Files

Download all the #TogetherLlangollen graphics in a zip file: #TogetherLlangollen all files [zip]

Or choose from the files below. Click on the image to open the full size file:

Facebook Post

TogetherLlangollen English Facebook 01 TogetherLlangollen Welsh Facebook 01 TogetherLlangollen English Facebook 02 TogetherLlangollen Welsh Facebook 02

Facebook Profile

TogetherLlangollen English Facebook Profile 01 TogetherLlangollen Welsh Facebook Profile 01 TogetherLlangollen English Facebook Profile 02 TogetherLlangollen Welsh Facebook Profile 02

Facebook Stories

TogetherLlangollen Welsh Facebook Stories 01 TogetherLlangollen English Facebook Stories 02 TogetherLlangollen Welsh Facebook Stories 02


TogetherLlangollen English Instagram 01 TogetherLlangollen Welsh Instagram 01 TogetherLlangollen English Instagram 02 TogetherLlangollen Welsh Instagram 02


TogetherLlangollen English Twitter 01 TogetherLlangollen Welsh Twitter 01 TogetherLlangollen English Twitter 02 TogetherLlangollen Welsh Twitter 02


TogetherLlangollen English LinkedIn 01 TogetherLlangollen Welsh LinkedIn 01 TogetherLlangollen English LinkedIn_02 TogetherLlangollen Welsh LinkedIn_02


TogetherLlangollen English Video 01 TogetherLlangollen Welsh Video 01 TogetherLlangollen English Video 02 TogetherLlangollen Welsh Video 02


TogetherLlangollen Sticker 01 TogetherLlangollen Sticker 02 TogetherLlangollen Sticker 03