At Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod, we have volunteering opportunities to suit a whole range of interests, skills and abilities. We naturally welcome people who want to get involved during Eisteddfod week itself but are also keen to hear from those who could give some time throughout the year as there is always plenty to do!

The Eisteddfod organisation comprises a staggering 800 volunteers in a variety of roles, plus several office-based employees who take care of finance, administration and ticket sales. There is a committee structure, each of which covers a different organisational area, from finance and tickets, to floral and archive.

Volunteers are generally members of a committee and are invited to attend meetings and events throughout the year to discuss and develop plans and give their valued input to Eisteddfod preparations.


Applications to volunteer for our 2024 event have now closed. Details to volunteer for 2025 will be available soon. If you would like any further information, please email volunteers@llangollen.net 

Our volunteer teams


  • Cataloguing and management of Eisteddfod artefacts, literature, photographs and films.
  • Setting up of displays and exhibitions of archive material during Eisteddfod week and for other events as required.
  • Research into past Eisteddfodau.
  • Development and management of an electronic archive.


  • Design and creation of the stunning floral displays in the main pavilion and around the site during festival week.
  • Creation of bouquets and posies for presentation to visiting VIPs, celebrity artists and sponsors.
  • Running a floral stall during Eisteddfod week selling table decorations, posies and other items prepared by volunteers to raise funds.
  • Supporting events throughout the year with floral decorations.


Grounds is a large committee and covers the following areas

  • Front of House management in the pavilion, including:
    • Set up and organisation of pavilion seating and front of house areas.
    • Seating of the audience supported by a team of ushers from the local secondary school.
  • Site management including:
    • Sale of pitches to Eisteddfod week traders and caterers
    • Planning and layout of the Eisteddfod field.
    • Management of all issues relative to site and site services (construction, canvas, plumbing, electricity etc)
    • Negotiation and management of site contractors (site construction, canvas, security etc)
  • Organisation of car and coach parking.
  • Courtesy cars.
  • Health & Safety management.
  • Communication management (switchboard, phones, walkie talkies, CCTV)


Competitors is another large committee and includes the following activities:

  • Liaising with competitors both from the UK and overseas to assist them with travel preparations, transfers, accommodation and any issues during their time at the festival.
  • Sourcing and organisation of accommodation in hotels, guest houses, educational establishments and homestays for competitors.
  • Welcoming groups on arrival to the Eisteddfod field and providing them with information, support and interpreting services where needed.
  • Preparation and provision of meals to competitor groups.
  • Looking after competitors’ luggage and belongings while they perform.


  • Working with LIME’s Marketing Officer to implement an agreed Marketing strategy through a mix of direct marketing and advertising.
  • Input into design, content and distribution of a wide range of marketing materials.
  • Co-ordination and development of LIME advocacy and marketing talks to outside organisations.
  • Organisation and staffing of exhibition stands.
  • Design, construction and staffing of the Visitor/Information Centre during festival week.
  • Recruitment, training and organization of Welcome Hosts and Programme Sellers working closely with local education organisations.
  • International flags on Llangollen Bridge and around field

Music & Staging

The Music & Staging committee is responsible for activities connected with competitions and performances. These include:

  • Outside stages: There are three outside stages in different locations on the field with performances by competitors, non-competitors and some professional artistes. Volunteers cover activities such as presenting, sound and lighting and general support.
  • Copyright: The copyright team is responsible for checking what each group is performing and dealing with the PRS (performing rights) issues.
  • Office support: This team covers such tasks as typing up adjudications, results etc
  • Stage crew: The stage crew team cover all aspects of stage managing the performance on the main stage in the pavilion. There are various roles including continuity, stage hands and assistant stage managers.
  • Preliminaries: These take place in various venues within the town prior to the final competitions on the pavilion main stage. Volunteers are needed to steward, look after the adjudicators and act as runners between the venue and the music office on the field.
  • Town events/Outreach: These are performance in various locations in and around the town. Volunteer activities are similar to those required for outside stages.


  • Manning of pavilion entrances throughout the day during Eisteddfod week.
  • Checking tickets.
  • Stewarding inside the pavilion during concerts and competitions
  • Helping visitors with any questions or enquiries.


  • Assisting the office staff with ticket sales and administration throughout the year
  • Staffing of main and welcoming visitors to the field and checking tickets
  • Staffing of ticket offices during Eisteddfod week, selling day passes and concert tickets and handling any queries relative to admission.