Bursary Fund

Around 4,000 performers visit Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod each year to sing and dance in a unique combination of competition, performance, and international peace and friendship. For many the trip to Llangollen involves considerable cost and the Bursary Fund is our way of providing some financial assistance to groups, and supporting them in their visit.

The bursary fund is open to all competitors and applications are judged on need, artistic merit and our wish to make the Eisteddfod as diverse and accessible as possible. An award from the Bursary Fund can make a significant difference to a group’s ability to attend the Eisteddfod. Here is what it means to recent competitors:

“The participation of the competition is solely paid by the families to give these young singers opportunity to promote Estonian choir music abroad. Due to the high travel expenses the participation is quite expensive. Our choir was so happy to receive this Bursary funding. Thank you! ” Choir of Musamari Choral School, Estonia

“We will really appreciate your help!”  Warsaw School of Economics Choir

“Most of our members are not financially independent, due to the fact that half of them are still students and another 20 percent are fresh out of school. If a college student has to afford his or her own plane tickets, it would take him or her about eight months to fulfil this goal. Thank you for your support to enable us to fulfil our vision to make a more free, diverse and fertile world of choral art.” Ching-Yun Choir, Taiwan

“Most of our school learners come from poor disadvantaged communities. They hardly have enough for food in their table.  But they have the love for music… thanks to the Bursary Funding we can expose and motivate them that they can go far with choral music.” Commtech C/S, South Africa

We welcome donations to the Bursary Fund and all contributions will directly benefit competitors who are at the heart of the Eisteddfod.

How your money can make a difference:

  • £25 buys three meals for a competitor on the Eisteddfod field
  • £45 buys a competitor’s coach transfer from the airport to Llangollen
  • £150 buys a visa to the UK for one competitor
  • £220 buys a trophy for a competition winner