Brenig are Daniel Laws (Vocals/Guitar) and Mandy Martin (Vocals/Mandolin). They are an original acoustic folk due based in Aberystwyth, West Wales. Formed in 2012, Mandy is originally from Staffordshire and was a performer on the midland folk scene before settling in Wales, while Daniel is from Ceredigion, and although a late rival to songwriting, his songs are being performed by folk artists in the UK and Europe.

They perform a show called “Song from the Heart of Wales” all over Wales and in England. Consisting of original folk and contemporary song that are entwined in Welsh folklore and tradition. Daniel draws on his observations and experiences while growing up on a farm in rural mid Wales to compose lovely melodies with beautifully descriptive lyrics.

Drawing on different genres, foot tapping rhythms and with Mandy’s lovely clear voice, their performances have been described as hauntingly atmospheric and emotional

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