Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles

Biography: BILLY BIBBY & THE WRY SMILES are an unsigned, four-piece, alt rock ensemble from North Wales/Chester UK who in two years have tallied hundreds of gigs and festivals in 60+ UK cities, and released a début EP and five singles.
A growing, grassroots fan base, as well as music industry recognition and radio play–BBC Radio Wales, Radio X, Virgin Radio, Amazing Radio–are presently pushing the band to new heights.
Last year the band bonded with festivalgoers across the UK, performing buzzworthy sets at FOCUS Wales, Dot to Dot, headlining The Crystal Stage at Tramlines (Sheffield), gracing Kendal Calling’s Calling Out Stage, as well as Victorious Festival (Portsmouth).

In 2018, Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles plan to continue touring relentlessly, winning over fans one by one with their energetic, tuneful, and optimistic rock. Perhaps Tim Cocker of Virgin Radio summed up the band’s future best when he said, “This fella knows how to write a chorus that one day a crowd–a BIG crowd-will sing back to him.”