Biography: BRENIG was formed in 2012 by Daniel Laws as a platform for performing his songs and tunes. He was joined by long time friend Mandy Martin (vocals/mandolin) and Mary Moylett (fiddle).
​The name BRENIG is taken from the river that flowed past Daniels grandparent’s farm near Tregaron in Mid-Wales. He was born on the farm and spent most of his childhood there.  Still involved with farming and enjoying living in the countryside, Daniel draws on his own personnel observations and experiences to write his songs, which can be modern and traditional folk songs, and tell stories of welsh folklore, traditions, history, love and the countryside.

His songs also include haunting melodies inspired by Celtic, Cajun, blues, folk rock, folk/country, traditional folk, eastern European and Asian music. Entwined with beautifully descriptive heartfelt lyrics that will make one laugh, cry and inspire. A selection of covers and tunes can also included in their sets.