Canons Choir

Canons Choir is from North London Collegiate School. The choir has been conducted by the musical director, Chao Cox, since 2018. The current choir consisting of forty members was formed in September 2023. The children bring their energy and love of singing to life by performing their favourite songs. In 2022, Canons Choir was one of the finalists at Barnardo’s National Choral Competition. Not only did they win 1st place at the North London Festival in the junior choir category, but they were also named the best choir overall. In 2023 March, Canons Choir gained two UK National Junior Choir of the Year titles: Barnardo’s National Choral Competition and the Girls School Association Choral Competition. Supported by the famous Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Canons Choir was invited to perform at Barnardo’s Young Supporters Concert at the Royal Albert Hall. Recently, their first official recording was filmed at the renowned VOCES 8 Centre.

Country representing: England

 Where and how often do you rehearse? Twice a week

 Do you have any interesting stories about your group? When we went to the Barnardo’s competition none of us were expecting to take first place. We all thought that a group that had already won this competition many times would win. The announcements started. The group that we thought was going to win came second! After that news, we got a little hopeful. Then it was time to announce the overall winner. I was playing the announcer saying, “Canons Choir!” In my head repeatedly. Then the announcer opened his mouth and shouted, “Canons Choir!”. I thought it was just an image playing in my head again, but then I looked round at my friend, and she was crying and screaming. I then realised that we had actually won. I started screaming. It remains one of the best moments of my life. (Written by Ellie, member of Canons Choir)

How would you best describe your group?  Canons choir has been so amazing because of our dedicated practice and hard work. Every member of the choir actively participates and sings with passion, creating beautiful songs. We have a strong sense of teamwork and cooperation, which allows us to blend our voices seamlessly. The choir’s commitment to excellence is evident in our exceptional performances, which always leave the audience in awe. Our incredible talent and love for music makes Canons Choir truly outstanding. (Written by Yanna, member of Canons Choir)





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