CLUB BATIMBO NTARE is a Non-Profit Organisation located in Burundi and was registered in 2015. Since 2021, Club Batimbo Ntare became the new name for  Batimbo Lumiere de la Paix. The Drummers of Burundi are Master Drummers from the small African country between Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania. Our performances are as much a spectacle of dance as music. A crescent of around a dozen great log drums, made from hollowed-out tree trunks covered with dried animal skins.

The Drummers of Burundi first took the UK by storm at the legendary inaugural WOMAD Festival in 1982. Over the last 20 years they have been a major influence on various musicians worldwide:

  • 1990 – started to travel overseas to Europe, visiting amongst others, France, Germany, Belgium and Austria. The second European tour took place in 1994. Due to war in our country, the third tour took place as part of Expo 2000.
  • We returned again to Expo 2002 in Germany, at this point we started to travel to many countries including the USA, Japan and China.
  • Batimbo Lumière de la Paix was born in 2012 and registered in 2015 with our government.
  • The group comprises around 78 artists – drummers (male) and dancers (predominantly female, but some mixed dances).
  • We rehearse 3 times a week (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday).
  • Please see our Facebook link for examples of our activities.