Hallmark of Harmony

Biography: Hallmark of Harmony is an enthusiastic group of about sixty men who enjoy singing together in the four-part close-harmony barbershop style. The choir was founded in 1978 and the UK at USA Internationals in 1986. Several members from then are still singing with the chorus today. They rehearse in The Jesus Centre in Broomhill every Tuesday evening. They are proud to have developed a membership project that encourages progress, particularly with youth members, with notable success from individuals at senior levels of Barbershop and Director Positions.

Their main reason for singing is entertainment, both for audiences and themselves, but they also take part in competitions from time to time. Over the years the chorus has enjoyed considerable success, winning the gold medal on seven occasions at the UK National Barbershop Convention, most recently in 2014 at Harrogate. They are a group of ordinary men, who, with a fair amount of enjoyable hard work, and good coaching, have learned to sing well together.

They visited Llangollen for the past two consecutive years. This year, they develop their involvement in one of their major annual events and collaborate with a community in Wrexham for a high profile concert.

Members: 60

Homepage: http://hallmarkofharmony.co.uk/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6LcDCGAD8k