Hamilton’s Children’s Choir

Hamilton Children’s Choir is committed to providing children and youth with rich musical education and performance opportunities, creating a sense of belonging, nurturing personal growth, and ensuring singers experience the benefits of community. Now in their 49th season, HCC has seen thousands of children and youth participate in the choir. HCC is proud to be one of the most sought-after choirs invited to perform locally, nationally, and internationally. HCC offers six progressive choral music education programs that are currently enjoyed by over 200 young singers between the ages of 18 months and 24 years. Under the artistic leadership of Melanie Tellez and her team of superb artistic staff, HCC is dedicated to exploring fresh approaches to choral music that reduce barriers, strengthen the choral art form, and demonstrate that artists come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Appearing at Llangollen International Festival is our touring ensemble, Ilumini, led by Artistic Director, Melanie Tellez.

Country representing: Canada

Where and how often do you rehearse?  We rehearse at Hillfield Strathallan College, an elementary and secondary school in Hamilton, Ontario. Our Ilumini ensemble rehearses for five hours each week, split into two evenings.


Website: hamiltonchildrenschoir.com

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