Kajetán, the children‘s opera choir of the Josef Kajetan Tyl’s theatre, was founded in 2014 in Pilsen and it is attended by children aged 11 to 19. The choir conductors are AnnaMarie Lahodová and Zuzana Kuncová, accompanist is Klára Kaiserová. The friendly and family atmosphere in Kajetán is combined with the careful and professional work of the conductors and children. They learn not only the basics of singing and vocal techniques, but also develop aesthetically and socially. The choir‘s repertoire includes children‘s parts of operas as well as classical choral compositions, which the choir performs at various cultural events and concerts. Currently the children sing in productions of Carmen, The Bartered Bride, The kiss, Czech Christmas Mass, Puss in boots and contemporary opera Quo Vadis. In 2023, Kajetán achieved remarkable success in several choir competitions. Firstly children’s choir competition Porta musicae, where Kajetan won the Gold Medal, became winner of the category and also became an absolute winner of the whole contest. In the Franz Schubert Choir Competition & Festival held in Vienna, Kajetán was awarded a Golden Diploma level VI. At the International Choir Competition Festival of Songs in Olomouc, Kajetán made a significant impact by clinching victory in both of its entered categories, receiving the audience award, and achieving the pinnacle of success by winning the Grand Prix, thereby becoming the absolute winner of the 50th edition of this contest.

Country representing: Czech republic

Where and how often do you rehearse? We rehearse 3 times a week in the choir room in our theatre.

Do you have any interesting stories about your group?  In our choir, there’s a quirky tale that just won’t quit – the epic saga of our double trouble conductors! No matter how many times we shout it out or fill out those forms, it’s like one of them is on a secret mission to evade introductions, program lists, and the group’s radar. So, just to set the record straight: two amazing conductors in the house! It’s turned into our little funny story, ensuring the vibe stays light and laughter-filled in our musical adventures.

How would you best describe your group? We’re not just a choir; we’re one big, lively bunch that simply loves to sing and immerse ourselves in the world of theatre. With a repertoire ranging from classical choir pieces to the enchanting allure of operatic performances, our shared passion creates a vibrant, laughter-filled atmosphere that we cherish.


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