Heritage Dance Academy

Heritage Dance Academy’s philosophy is to enhance the knowledge of folk dances like Bhangra, and Jindua, and other performing arts like theatre, folk orchestra, and gatka. They promote the concepts of history and symbolic representation of Folk Dances and other performing arts.

The Academy educates both youth and adults about the dances of giddha, bhangra, and the musical aspects of Punjabi folklore: such as the instruments of the dhol and tumbi, and traditional singing also called boliyaan. They also educate about the significance of folk dance moves to give students an understanding of the beauty that folk dance embodies.

They offer classes for all ages interested in joining teams or individuals already involved in teams. The Heritage Dance Academy will represent its teams in competitions across the world such as Canada, USA, Europe, South East Asia, South America etc. and will aim to keep the youth involved in the local community.

Heritage Dance Academy also encourages youth from other ethnic communities to join in spreading cultural awareness and tolerance.