The Choir of E.Mikeladze Central Music School

The Choir of E.Mikeladze Central Music School was founded in 2010 and involves 8-25-year old boys and girls performing Georgian traditional folk songs and chants. The choir’s main goal is sharing Georgian culture in different parts of the world. Over the 10-year period several international projects were accomplished:
• 2012 – Golden Gate International Choral Festival, San Francisco, USA
• 2013 – International Folklore Festival, Rome
• 2016 – Georgian days in Norway and Latvia;
• 2017 – International Choral Festival in Yekaterinburg
• 2019 – World Peace Choral Festival, Vienna
The choir concert program lasts for 1 hour and intends virtual traveling from the western regions of Georgia to the east. The choir performs 1-2 songs from each of the regions with appropriate verbal presentation of the meaning, history, musical and other kind of differences. Therefore, international audiences are always excited and attracted by the performance.
The choir members perform Georgian through-oral traditions as they never use music sheets while rehearsals. Instead, the choir director uses the old and traditional oral way of teaching. The choir is active in Georgia too and it usually organises various events and participates in local choral projects. Moreover, the choir supports the cultural exchange in Georgia too and cooperates with different organizations including the Embassies in Georgia.