North East Wales Chinese Women’s Association

NEWCWA is an association set up to provide assistance and support to the Chinese women resident in North Wales. Set up in 2015 by Teresa Ho and Xiehong Hodgson it has grown to over 100 members and has become very much involved in the promotion of multi-culturalism and ethnic group integration throughout North Wales and beyond. The association has many cultural activities and has performed on many occasions supporting Race Equality Cymru and the Multi-Cultural hub. Performances have ranged from Women’s Institute meetings to major events such as Chinese New Year in Manchester and Liverpool.

Country representing: China/Cymru

Where and how often do you rehearse? Ewloe Social Club / Weekly

How would you best describe your group? A Cultural Association supporting Chinese within North Wales. The ladies of the dance group very much welcome the opportunity to perform a traditional Chinese dance (or dances) at the event to showcase both their talents and to introduce their culture to a wider audience.