Established in the picturesque town of Bala in September 2018, Tegalaw Women’s Choir is a vibrant tapestry of voices woven together by a shared passion for music and community. Under the dedicated leadership of Llinos Davies, this ensemble of around 50 talented singers has quickly established itself.

More than just singing, Tegalaw is a family. Its members is united by a love for their homeland’s rich musical heritage. Their diverse repertoire reflects this spirit, encompassing classical gems, stirring unaccompanied Welsh folksongs, and the uplifting energy of gospel music.

Tegalaw has already achieved remarkable accolades. In 2019, the choir soared to second place at the prestigious National Eisteddfod. This accomplishment resonated again in 2023, with another second-place finish at the National Eisteddfod, solidifying their standing amongst the country’s finest choral groups.

Tegalaw’s dedication extends beyond competition stages. They grace local audiences with approximately two captivating concerts each year, sharing their love for music and enriching the cultural fabric of their community. Moreover, they have collaborated with renowned Welsh artists such as Sioned Webb, mezzo-soprano Sian Meinir, and tenor Steffan Prys Roberts, forging meaningful connections in the world of music.

At the heart of Tegalaw lies a deep reverence for Wales’ choral tradition. They proudly perform at various Eisteddfodau, keeping the spirit of song alive for future generations. Their passion is palpable, radiating through every note as they weave intricate harmonies and breathe new life into beloved melodies.

Tegalaw Women’s Choir is more than just a choir; it’s a vibrant community, a chorus of passionate voices, and a living testament to the enduring power of music in.

Country representing: Cymru

Where and how often do you rehearse?  Canolfan Bro Tegid in the heart of Bala. Weekly rehearsals.