Vakhri Tohr

Vakhri Tohr are a group that established in September 2016. The vision of this group is to teach the art of punjabi culture, keep people within the community fit & healthy as well as teaching them Bhangra. Vakhri Tohr aims to reach out to all ages, ethnicities and abilities in order to educate them about Bhangra but also to for them to learn how enjoyable this art form is!

Country representing: England/India

Where and how often do you rehearse? Various Studios across the midlands, we rehearse at least twice a week

Do you have any interesting stories about your group?  We have a few characters in the team (in a positive way). Our captain has competed internationally as well as on a dance show on sky one.

How would you best describe your group? Very close and enjoy having a great time. The team love to experience new things and all come from different walks of life.




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