Vox In Frox

Biography: Vox in Frox is a choir you don’t want to miss. They are an all-female chamber choir based in the Chew Valley, near Bath. A group of ladies addicted to singing, enjoying each other’s company, and (when their musical director permits it) sipping the odd glass or three of prosecco! The 26 dedicated singers perform pieces which will bring you joy, have you tapping your feet or move you to tears, but not necessarily in that order. They perform a wide range of music, from gospel to sacred, folk to pop and everything in between. Vox in Frox have performed in many venues around the South West and beyond, ranging from Radio Bristol, various outdoor sporting events and festivals to the more intimate settings of churches and halls for concerts and weddings. Their singing is often remarked upon, not only because of the quality of their performance, but also because of their sense of warmth and fun. The only things more notable than their sound are their black and white dresses. They make a big impression wherever they go with a fabulous blend of soaring sopranos and rich altos. They have competed in festivals locally but this their first time in Llangollen and they can’t wait to experience the atmosphere.

Their success is down to the friendship in the group and the joy that they bring to their performances. Vox in Frox’s biggest achievement is that every concert they do their regular supporters say how much they improve each time. As long as they continue to do this they can be very proud.

Members: 26

Homepage: http://www.voxinfrox.co.uk/home/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/voxinfrox/