An Evening with Van Morrison

Singer Van Morrison

What a thrill and an honour to be welcoming Sir Van Morrison, one of the most prolific recording artists and live performers in music history, to the 2018 Eisteddfod!

He was a travelling musician at the age of 16 and was in several bands, before forming Them in 1964. Morrison’s matchless vocal and songwriting talents established him as a major force in the music scene. Steering his own course through the 80s and advancing on his status as a game-changing artist through the 90s and into the 21st century, he has been consistently creating extraordinary music with a variety of musicians. His myriad musical influences are woven into his albums where street poetry, jazz improvisation, Irish folk, Afro Celtic Blues wailing, blues, pop, rock, R&B, country and gospel create the inimitable sound of one of music’s true originals.

With one of the most revered catalogues in music history and his unparalleled talents as a composer, singer and performer Morrison’s past achievements loom large.

In September 2017, he released his 37th studio album, Roll with the Punches. December 2017 saw the release of his 38thVersatile.

So, as the legendary artist takes the Llangollen stage, the magic of Van Morrison’s live performance is sure to transport us through his referencing of the past, always making it his own, stamping his unmissable spin on what has gone before.

Friday 6 July 2018 – 8.00pm
Tickets: £55 / £42

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