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Generic prozac no insurance, but she just kept trying. This happened for a while. She kept getting better but after a couple months she switched doctors and it stopped. She switched doctors again and it stopped. After 5 days she switched again to dr. ryder get off my meds. I tried calling him several times and he wouldn't take my call. I asked if could see him in person so I can get off the meds for myself. He said was out of bounds. She kept calling him until finally he came to see her in person. I got his phone number and called it. He answered for a few minutes and then hung up. I talked to him on the phone for about an hour and he said couldn't help. I had tried and told him on several days when I was getting better that wanted him to help me take my meds off. So he didn't help me in the end and just called it a day. I guess he had enough. did ask other doctors about these meds and one called it the devil's drugs and said way to get the benefits was do things she is telling me to do. In fact a few days after I went off of the meds and called her explained what I was going through he refused to give me the referral and said he couldn't help me out of the meds. anon493679 Post 14 This really sucks! I am a 34 year old woman. I have been taking the anti-depressants for years and they have been working great. However, I am struggling with depression again after years of remission. I found a psychologist from local clinic. He prescribed me this Prozac. I'm terrified. At first I was prescribed this once every three months but now it's about once every two weeks. I just can't figure out how to stop it. He told me that I can't handle the side effects and that it will kill me. But I never read anything on the side that mentioned anything like this. It's been almost a month now. I take this drug Online pharmacy uk delivery only when a doctor wants me to and I've had no side effects so I refuse to go even once more since it's just eating at me and taking up space in my Buying viagra in vancouver life. How can I get off this drug? don't have any symptoms, but I feel better when do and my mood swings are not as extreme anymore. It just keeps coming back to me. I also took a combination of Lexapro and Seroquel for anxiety back in 2010 and it was helpful for a short time. It stopped working pretty fast however. I have had similar side effects and depression symptoms since I started taking meds. This is absolutely the worst side effect I have ever had. Help, help! view entire post anon472310 Post 13 I can relate to this comment by @163836. The symptoms are similar. I was on the anti-depressants. Once I stopped, experienced a severe, life threatening crash of the brain chemistry that is almost identical to the crash you describe. It's only because our brain is so good at avoiding pain all costs that we are unable to handle a crash the brain's chemistry when things go haywire like that. There isn't much we can do to "reverse"

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Brythoniaid Male Voice Choir

Biography: In June 1964 with fifteen members Meirion Jones formed the male voice choir, and due to the encouragement received  commenced to attract new members.

From the outset, competing was an integral part of the Choirs activities. Their first competition was at the Llanffestiniog jubilee Eisteddfod in 1965. Following success at this Eisteddfod it was decided to make 1966 the starting point for a sustained period of competition which indeed continues to the present day. Between 1966 and 1974 the Choirs success could be compared to that of a modern day football team with the following statistics: 26 competitions, 19 first prizes, 3 second prizes.

In 1972 the Choir won first prize at the Butlins Eisteddfod.

But it hasn’t all been competition. In 1975 the Choir made an historic trip behind the ‘ Iron Curtain’ and visited Hungary where they appeared before a panel of Hungary’s most eminent musicians and were awarded a Diploma from the Academy of Culture for their performance. Since this first historic trip the Choir has toured far and wide, which have included two tours of America, two tours of Belgium. Two visits to the Interceltique Festival in Lorient and several tours to Ireland and Scotland. Further National Eisteddfod successes occurred in 1977, 2002 and 2005.

The Brythoniaid have many records and C.D’s.

To those who have heard the Brythoniaid Male Voice choir singing will agree that it has an unique sound which has given enjoyment to a huge number of people over the years and long may this continue.

Members: 85



Dancing in the Street

Name Country Position
Real Folk Cultural International Academy (RFCIA) India 1st
Al-Izhar Senior High School Pondok Labu Indonesia 2nd
Gabhru Panjab de India 3rd
Aichurok Kyrgyzstan 4th