The Rhythm Performing Arts

Biography: The Rhythm Performing Arts is a Foundation of Indian Folk Dance and Music from Ahmadabad, India. Since 2009 they are Members of CIOFF, the International Council of Organisations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts, in India and IOV, an International Organisation of Folk Art.
Rhythm Performing Arts performs folk and tribal dances and music from different states of India and abroad retaining the authenticity of each.

Since the last twelve years, they had participated in many festivals, including those organized by ‘CIOFF’ and ‘ IOV ‘ , for example at the International Folklore 2014 Festival, in Tempere, Finland , the International Two continents Folklore 2016 festival, in Malaysia and at the International Folklore 2017 festival  North Cyprus, as well as those held in Turkey, Europe, Slovakia, Qatar, Thailand, and Slovenia.

Members: 24