Review of Motto Usage

Having considered the public response at length, the Board has voted to continue using T. Gwynn Jones’ motto. However, we are committed to a public discussion in the future, to ensure that the Eisteddfod motto is reflective of the world we live in today and the world we want to live in tomorrow.

In discussing our approach to language as an organisation, and developing a new Welsh Language Policy (which we will be sharing soon), we believe it is only right to consider many different voices, and to question how language continues to evolve.

We would like to thank those who have contributed constructively to this meaningful discussion; arguments have been made very powerfully both for keeping the Eisteddfod’s motto, and for commissioning new poetry. To ensure clarity of meaning to our audiences across the globe, the Welsh and English language versions of the motto will appear alongside each other wherever possible.

Our focus now is on delivering an Eisteddfod which will bring together communities from around the world, in a joyful celebration of the power of music and dance to create understanding and harmony.