Volunteers’ Week: Pat the Hat

As part of Volunteer Week, we are featuring a story each day from a volunteer, where they share their experiences of Llangollen International Eisteddfod.

Why I Volunteer

My partner and I have been volunteering as stewards for 10 years now (I think).

The thing that calls us back year after year is the friendships, camaraderie, enthusiasm, excitement, peace, tranquility and overall goodwill between everyone; audience, competitors, volunteers, site staff and exhibitors.

Being a steward is being part of a TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More)

I am in regular contact by email with many stewards throughout the year, some in the photo below.

Volunteer Week

Pat with other LIME Stewards


Being a bit of an extrovert I love interacting with the public, they love a bit of banter and a laugh.

I have been wearing my distinctive hat for 9 years now, it keeps the sun off my bald patch and I am now known on site by the name “Pat the Hat” even Sir Terry calls me that..

Pat yr Hat

Pat the Hat

I think my most memorable moment was when I was on duty inside the tent during an evening performance and seated towards the back was a family including a young lady (18-24) with Down’s Syndrome and she was wriggling about in her seat just bursting to dance. With her parents’ permission, I took her to the back and we danced the night away. She loved it. And the smiles I got from the audience around showed how much pleasure they got from seeing someone so happy.

Thank you for the opportunity you give me to enhance my life.

Pat the Hat

Patrick Beaumont, Volunteer

Did you know it takes 800 volunteers to put on a successful Eisteddfod?

United in their dedication to the festival and all the good that it stands for, volunteers give up their time and talent during the year and many travel long distances to help during Eisteddfod week. Would you like to join them?