Filkin's Drift

Filkin’s Drift

Meeting in the multicultural city of Birmingham, Filkin’s Drift weave together intricate melodies from the folklore of their homes, Wales and Gloucestershire. Their music combines the traditional and the contemporary, blending fiddle, guitar, harmonium and mandolin with their close vocal harmonies. Ornate interplay between two fretted instruments conjures up a Baroque sound-world; meanwhile their foot-stomping… Read more »

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Ignacio Lopez Comedy

Ignacio Lopez is a Spanish & Welsh comedian based in Cardiff. His parents are Welsh/Irish & Moroccan/Spanish, and he has a German sister; family get-togethers are like a meeting of the U.N. As well as hosting TV shows, headlining top comedy clubs all over the U.K and Europe, and taking the piss out of British… Read more »

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The Art of Brilliance

Pre-COVID life was full-on; workplace restructures, rising expectations, uncertainty, long hours, ‘busyness’ and Brexit. Then the epidemic of exhaustion gave way to a pandemic and everything changed. Overnight! Totally uninvited, the ‘new normal’ moved in.  When the world’s doing its worst it’s doubly important that you know how to be at your best! Jason Todd… Read more »

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