Lle prydferth i ymweld

(English) My husband and I had an excellent couple of days there with both our children taking part in the different choirs. There was plenty of different types of food places available and lovely stalls to browse around. The main arena itself was beautifully decorated with colourful flowers. Also there were lots of very talented people/groups from all over the world who took part. Llangollen is a beautiful place to visit.

Belinda Adolygiad Facebook ()

Bob tro yn cael fy synnu gan yr Eisteddfod yma!

(English) We are perpetually in awe about this Eisteddfod and what you guys achieve. Every year our eyes and ears are challenged by something new and this year’s Choir of the World finale was amazing.

John Adolygiad Facebook ()

Pam nad ydw i wedi mynd o’r blaen?

(English) What an amazing event. I brought my choir for the first time and was blown away. Why haven’t I been before? Such a truly joyous event and such high quality. And everyone was so welcoming. We’ll be back!!! Thank you to everyone who made this happen.

Caroline Adolygiad Facebook ()

Safon uchel o gorau

(English) It has high choral standards and a wonderful atmosphere. People are very friendly and the organisers are fabulous.

Pauline Adolygiad Facebook ()

Lle hudol

(English) The Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod is a magical place full of songs and dancers from all over the world. Everyone should go, just to see that different people do have a communal language.

Frances Adolygiad Google ()

Awyrgylch hamddenol

(English) Beautiful setting. Great facilities. Chilled atmosphere.

Chris Adolygiad Google ()

Dw i’n caru’r lle yma a buaswn yn ei argymell i unrhyw un

Gwerth da am eich arian. Tocynnau yn caniatáu chi i weld ‘y maes’ gyda’i amrywiaeth o gynigion arbennig, llwyfannau allanol, a’r cyfle i weld arddangosfeydd al fresco o ddawnswyr, corau a cherddorion.

Sue Adolygiad Trip Advisor ()

Allan o’r byd!

Ein hail flwyddyn yn ymweld… awyrgylch, gwirfoddolwyr a’r tywydd i gyd yn wych. Mae’n rhaid i’r ŵyl yma fod ar ‘restr fwced’ pawb!

Clare Adolygiad Trip Advisor ()