(English) Le Voci Ladies Choir

Ymddiheuraf, does dim ar gael yn Gymraeg.

Country: England

Town/Place Representing: Hereford


A3. Female Voice Choirs (Saturday 6 July)

A9. Adult Folk Song Choirs (Friday 5 July)

Biography: Le Voci Ladies Choir is a newly formed ladies choir, all the members which have been members of Cantabile Girls’ Choir (Cantabile). In 2018, we all met up to celebrate 10 years of Cantabile and i was asked whether i would consider starting a new choir for ex members, as a lot of them really miss singing. We meet every six to eights weeks, as the ladies work all over the country. One of the things they all enjoyed so much was taking part in the annual International Eisteddfod, where many of them enjoyed success. The International Eisteddfod is an exciting and colourful events which gives opportunities to all kinds of artistic talent, the standard of which is on display is amazing in all disciplines.

Members: 18