(English) Little Peaches: ‘Warrior’ Burlesque Recommended 16+ contains some partial nudity

Ymddiheuraf, does dim ar gael yn Gymraeg.

She’s queer, she’s disabled, she’s opiniated and she refuses to follow doctors’ orders. Little Peaches will break your heart, tell stories it holds, whip you into shape and prove that people with disabilities are worthy.

From the tropical rainforests of Cairns, Australia, Little Peaches found her small city couldn’t meet her ambitions, so she jumped on a plane and settled in the UK, determined to take on the burlesque world! Little Peaches creates acts that tell stories that bring to light experiences that people with disabilities face. Her seminal debut act in her wheelchair ‘Warrior’, shows the strength and power that people with disabilities have to gather each day in order to live in a society that isn’t built for them. It has been booked in seven different countries to date including the prestigious Burlesque Hall of Fame. Listen to Little Peaches as she talks about navigating the world as a performer with disabilities, and performers her famous ‘Warrior’ burlesque.